First publication: a year and a half imprisonment for a senior police officer who assisted in the operation …


The Haifa District Court this morning (Sunday) sentenced Gary Rabinowitz, an intelligence coordinator who was convicted of bribery, breach of trust and obstruction of justice, to 18 months in prison and a fine of NIS 10,000. As part of his role as intelligence coordinator in the Haifa area, Rabinowitz met B., who served as director of several brothels in Haifa.

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The director of the brothels B., told Rabinovich about his business and even updated him on bringing women to Israel for the purpose of employing them in prostitution. Rabinovich took advantage of his position and assisted him: he warned before police activity in the area, and turned a blind eye to the serious criminal offenses that B. committed, and which he reported to him. In return, Rabinovich received benefits including free use of the apartment he owned.

After one of the police raids on the brothel, Rabinovich lied to the police force that raided the apartment and said that B. did not operate a brothel there – even though he knew he did, and even instructed B. to give a false version in his interrogation.

And this is not the only case – the intelligence coordinator made another contact with A., who also operated brothels in the Haifa area. Rabinovich granted him protection from police activity in exchange for a bribe. During the investigation, A. cooperated with the State Attorney’s Office, and signed a state witness agreement.

On one occasion, a police raid was carried out on a rival brothel, and Rabinovich informed A. about this, ordering him to lock the doors and assuring him that the rooms in his possession would not be inspected.

The verdict states that “this is a process that lasted for many months, with the entire system of contact with those bribe-takers beginning and continuing, deviating from police foremen.

The sentence added: “Real punishment is required that clarifies the duty of care, transparency and adherence to work according to precise procedures, procedures that were also born to prevent a slippery slope towards an illegal communication system with the same sources planted in the criminal world.”

The Department of Police Investigations sought to sentence the defendant to a lengthy prison sentence, arguing that “Rabinovich’s conduct should be taken seriously, as it is a bribery relationship between a police officer in charge of crime prevention, who provided inside police information to brothel owners, assisted them and even turned a blind eye. Serious things they did. “

The court further ruled that: “A police officer who takes advantage of his role, and instead of preventing criminal activity, time and time again he repeatedly refrains from reporting offenses, terrorizes police work and public trust in law enforcement systems and is sentenced to prison behind bars.”


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