Finally clarity: this is what happened to Ludo Sanders


Note: This article contains spoilers about the episode of Good times Bad Times which can now be seen on Videoland.

A few weeks ago, fans of the Netherlands’ longest-running soap series saw how Ludo was thrown overboard after a scuffle with grandson Valentijn. After that, there was no trace of the crafty businessman. It seemed out of the question that Ludo had survived the boat trip, so the Sanders family decided to have him pronounced dead.

But Ludo appears to be very much alive and that means that actor Erik de Vogel (59) can finally be seen again as the soap villain. Because while the will he left behind is read to Janine, Lucas, Stefano and Nina, a feral Ludo wakes up on a boat. What happened to him? And why did he never return to Meerdijk?

In the coming days, fans of Good times Bad Times finally get answers to their pressing questions. You can see it from today on Videoland and from Tuesday December 1 on RTL 4.

RTL Boulevard previously spoke with the actor about the exciting storyline. Watch the entire video below:


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