Fear: Israelis in Dubai will become a target for Iranians – news in the world


The Counter-Terrorism Headquarters has issued a warning to the UAE, amid Israeli fears of an Iranian response to the elimination of senior nuclear leader Muhsin Fahrizadeh.

The warning was issued a few weeks ago, but in light of the liquidation, it became even more valid. “In light of the presence and activity of terrorist organizations, there are real risks to the security of Israeli citizens visiting and staying in the United Arab Emirates,” the anti-terrorism headquarters said and recommended avoiding a visit to the country.

News 12 reported that security officials were preparing for the possibility that the Iranians would try to harm Israeli vacationers in the UAE.

In Israel and in various missions around the world, the alert has been raised in recent days. Now, in the shadow of the fear of attempts to harm Israelis in the Emirates, the defense establishment has begun to act to protect the Israelis visiting there. In addition, a joint mechanism was established together with the Emirates to ensure the security of Israeli vacationers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In recent days, the defense establishment has been preparing for a variety of possible Iranian operations. For years, the Iranian Quds Force has set up terrorist cells throughout Europe, South America and the Far East – units that can carry out attacks on Israeli embassies and against Jewish communities around the world.

In addition, Iran can also act against Israeli shipping lanes in the Red Sea – firing rockets, drones and missiles from Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza. In addition, senior Israeli officials – present and past – may also be targets in the eyes of the Iranians. , As an “eye for an eye”.


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