Farmers Defense Force announces new farmer campaign


The announcement came via WhatsApp and social media. Foreman Mark van den Oever announces the following on his own Facebook page; “The start of a hot autumn is soon! Make no mistake about it: we will be working on nitrogen and the earnings model before December 31!

In addition to the promotion, Farmers Defense Force also wants to bring their own Farmer Friendly quality mark to the attention on 17 November. The farmers want a better position for Dutch food with a better price for the farmer and more appreciation.

Thousands of farmers

Because of the corona time, it will not be a kind of massive action as before, on the Malieveld and the Koekamp in The Hague, where thousands of farmers came together. What the content and approach of the promotion will be, has not yet been announced.

The actions of FDF are often mutually shared in private groups, in order to maintain the ‘surprise effect’.


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