Exclusive footage after Romain Grosjean crash


I do agree with Tom Coronel, you can really see Alan recoil from the heat of a flame that has just flared up, and only really grab Grosjean when he is almost over the guardrails. Those two men would also have to be completely fireproof so that they could indeed dive into a conflagration. If Romain hadn’t been able to get out himself, the situation might have ended like Niki Lauda, ​​or worse, as the fire extinguishers didn’t seem to help much in these important first seconds. that was only extinguished after Romain had long and broadly gone. I think they can learn a lot from aspects that didn’t go well today. Fortunately, the halo really caused a miracle. Without the halo, the result might have ended as it did with Cevert and Koinigg, to which Hamilton already referred.


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