‘Even till here’ makes song about interrogation benefits affair: ‘It wasn’t me’


“I was shocked. I happened to be pregnant and it made me very sick. I had a burn-out for two years, ”says Yigit. The family’s file has been ready for almost a year, but they haven’t seen a cent of the money they should get back.

Surcharge affair

Not much has become clear in the interrogations so far, and according to presenters Woe and Van der Laan, the chance that this will happen is small. Why? Everyone involved will continue to point to each other. That’s why they made the song: It was not me.

Dressed up as leaders of the benefits affair like Menno Snel, Mark Rutte and Wopke Hoekstra, they keep passing the blame on. “It went wrong with the tax authorities, it was terrible to see. But it wasn’t me. It was just that ”, the song begins. “Anyone who squeaks because it is so bad. But they did nothing, ”the presenters continue.

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It should be clear: the duo expects little from the interrogations next week. What they can do? Giving Nazmiye Yigit and her family a nice evening. They are picked up in a limousine for a night out for dinner. With an appropriate ‘We can make it nicer, but tastier’ on the front of the menu.

Listen to the song below Just until here about the benefits affair.


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