European approval Boeing 737 MAX likely in January | Abroad


He said last month that the problem plane is considered safe again and the paperwork is being finalized. According to him, all investigations show that the aircraft can be put back into service.

The American aviation authority FAA gave the green light last week. The Boeing aircraft have been on the ground for over a year and a half, because two fatal accidents with the type of aircraft occurred in a short time.

Crashes with 737 MAX aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia claimed a total of 346 lives. After the second accident in March 2019, flights with the aircraft were banned worldwide. It later turned out that the disasters were caused by a failing safety system that pushed the nose of the aircraft down. That defect has been resolved with a software update. Before the aircraft are allowed to take to the air again, pilots still have to undergo extra training and manuals must be adjusted.

The plane’s grounding cost Boeing billions, disrupted the supply chain, and led to investigations that concluded there was a lack of transparency and proper oversight at Boeing and the FAA during the development of the 737 MAX. A criminal investigation is still ongoing.

Boeing was the fastest riser on the stock market on Wednesday after it was announced that the aircraft may be taken into the air again. The share on the Dow Jones index rose with a gain of 7.5 percent.


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