Enraged Henk and girlfriend take legal action against Chantal


Chantal shared on Instagram that someone left her a very nasty message. The photo shows ‘fucking damn cunt’ and Chantal thinks she knows that Katja has written this in her book. According to Henk and Katja, this is absolutely not true. A former employer of Katja is said to have put this text in the book. “She wrote that in it. Katja was not even around when she wrote this in it”, Henk tells RTL Boulevard. “She then pasted the photo next to it into that book. But Katja was not present at that writing.”

“I don’t think it’s fair to do it this way and show that Katja wrote it, because she didn’t”, Henk concludes. Katja was indeed present at the wedding, “but someone else put that photo in the guestbook and added that text.”

“I was never told that it is in that book. Because I am not pleased with that either, so I understand Chantal. I would also be furious, but then you have to deal with the person who did it”, says Henk . “You should not post something on social media that is incorrect. Legal steps are also being taken, because this is really not going well.”

According to Henk, it’s all about envy. “You shouldn’t blame someone if she hasn’t done anything. I don’t think this is fair.”

Henk and Chantal were perhaps the most talked about couple of Married at First Sight. However, the two layers are totally different, below you can see all about it.


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