Eindhoven threatens to close shops if it gets too busy on Saturday: ‘Don’t come to the center’


Mayor John Jorritsma of Eindhoven calls on residents of his city not to come to the center on Saturday to do Sinterklaas shopping. The mayor is in constant consultation with police, enforcement and crowd managers about the crowds. “We monitor from hour to hour. Drastic measures such as early store closure are the ultimate remedy,” he said through his spokesperson.

The mayor also says: “We really call on the public not to come to the center and if there really is no other option to come alone. These crowds are a ‘delight for the corona virus’. It is not the enforcers or the government that are responsible, but society itself. Pay attention to yourself and each other. “

Black Friday
On Friday evening, the municipality of Eindhoven also called for avoiding the city center because of the crowds before Black Friday and late night shopping. “We ask you to postpone your visit to the shops in the city center, or to do online shopping,” said the municipality. People stood in a long queue at various stores.

On Friday afternoon, the mayor of Rotterdam also closed shops in the center because it was too busy there.


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