Drommel can’t believe his eyes: ‘Scandalous this, really scandalous’


FC Twente-PSV became the game of penalties. Both teams got one, but PSV failed to cash in on the great opportunity. The much-discussed penalty kick was turned by FC Twente goalkeeper Joël Drommel, who finds it unbelievable that PSV received a penalty at all.

“This is outrageous, really outrageous. There is nothing wrong at all”, Drommel analyzes the situation when he looks back at the images afterwards. “But yes, you take it and that is nice”, the goalkeeper tells FOX Sports.

Drommel played an important role in the match against PSV because of his many saves. “I think I got a point, yes. Especially in the first half. Nice that you get a lot to do right away, because then you can grow well in the game”, the closing post explains.

The 24-year-old Drommel made his debut in the selection of Orange in the last international period. “I enjoyed it very much, I was received very well there. I hope that I will stick with it now. I just have to keep performing at FC Twente and then we’ll see.”

Drommel enjoys his own development. “Yes, really great. Also the fact that you are playing your hundredth game today, you take a penalty, you have just returned from Orange; it is only enjoyable”, said the very satisfied goalkeeper.

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