“Dominance of Anderlecht is unhealthy”


Leo Van Der Elst is currently head coach of the Club Brugge women’s team. For the time being, things are also going well for the Club ladies, and they are in the middle of the rankings with 13/21. The ex-Red Devil did express his dissatisfaction with the dominance of Anderlecht in the competition.

In an interview with Sporza, Leo Van Der Elst explained the dominance of Anderlecht and Club Brugge’s plans for the future in women’s football. “The women’s team of Club is working very hard, but we still have a long way to go to become the equal of, say, Standard or Anderlecht. Anderlecht’s dominance in the league is also simply unhealthy at the moment. Red Flames in their team they are currently racing through the competition like a roller, “the ex-Red Devil says.

The RSC Anderlecht women’s team is doing amazingly in the national league at the moment. With the maximum of points and 47 goals scored in seven games, there seems to be no measure for RSCA. Anderlecht currently only had to deal with two goals against. They fell against Club Brugge.

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