Documentation: Throws a Molotov cocktail inside a minimarket in Ashdod (video)


The serious incident took place about a week and a half ago at the Rusnos minimarket in the 6th district of Ashdod. The 34-year-old city resident, who refused to sell him alcohol on the go, returned to the minimarket with a suing bottle and set the place on fire after ordering the seller to leave the store. The incident in Mazal ended without any casualties, but the store was damaged and its owners value more than NIS 200,000.

Watch the event as captured by security cameras >>>

Two days after the incident, police were able to get their hands on the suspect who was apparently hiding in a hiding apartment in the city. Earlier this week, he was charged with arson.

The investigation material shows that the man is a regular customer of this store and another store of the same owners, and he used to purchase products in cash and in cash. But following a non-payment arrangement on his part, the owners instructed their employees not to sell him alcohol on the go.

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