Documentary about Nicky Verstappen case may be broadcast …


The court will not prohibit the broadcast of the documentary ‘The Nicky Verstappen case: Behind the scenes in the police investigation’. The broadcast is scheduled for Sunday and Monday evenings on the Dutch channel RTL4.

Jos B. tried to prevent the broadcast by means of summary proceedings. He believes that he is wrongly portrayed as a perpetrator, because he is a suspect. The case is still on appeal. The judge turned down his request on Sunday afternoon.

58-year-old B. was convicted by the court in Maastricht on 20 November for the abuse and kidnapping of 11-year-old Nicky in 1998, who died as a result. Both the Public Prosecution Service and B. appealed against the conviction of 12.5 years in prison.

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No Pictures Please, a company of presenter Ewout Genemans and RTL, had been working on the documentary for quite some time.


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