Disappointment for Dan Martin who dropped to fourth place


British Hugh Karti from EF, today (Sunday) won the grueling 12th section in the Spanish Valletta, after crossing the finish line first in a time of 3:08:40 hours. A third straight streak that Dan Martin from Startup Nation finishes seventh, and he dropped to fourth overall. The 109.4-mile mountainous section, which came out of Pula to Biana Angliro, included five graded ascents, but at the end we got the most arduous ascent of Mount Angliro this year along 12.4 km.

The initial goal of the Israeli team was not to waste time and try to gain seconds for Martin at the expense of Karti, who was in fourth place the night before, all in a battle for the podium, when they knew that anything achieved beyond that was a bonus.

Hugh Cartie

Hugh Cartie

(Photo: AFP)

The riders on one of the ascentsThe riders on one of the ascents

The riders on one of the ascents

(Photo: EPA)

Ten riders came together for the final ascent, with most struggling at the top of the overall rankings, and it only hurt to see them pedaling the last few miles, the helicopter footage certainly illustrated the frightening angle, so much so that the broadcast talked about it being “torture.”

The big winner of the day is Richard Karapas from Inaus, who regained the red shirt of the general leader, ten seconds ahead of the Slovenian Primoz Roglic from the Jumbo-Wisma team. Tomorrow the riders will have a day off, probably after the two hard days they went through, until they return to the road on Tuesday with another mountain section that will be against the clock.


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