Derby County choice goes wrong for Cocu: ‘of course it is annoying’


Phillip Cocu saw his employment with Derby County come to an abrupt end last Saturday: the Dutchman and the club separated ‘in good consultation’, after the poor performance of recent times. Cocu’s agent, Rob Jansen, thinks that the trainer will put everything together calmly.

“Of course it is all annoying, but as a trainer you become riper of setbacks”, Jansen begins in conversation with the Eindhovens Dagblad. “Americans sometimes say that you have to go bankrupt before you are a good entrepreneur.”

Cocu had several clubs to choose from after his departure from Fenerbah├že, but consciously chose to work at the second level of England. The coach saw it as an excellent springboard to the Premier League. “In a marriage you never know 100 percent for sure what it will be”, says Jansen, referring to Cocu’s departure from the club.

Jansen thinks that Cocu ‘will not immediately plunge into a new adventure’. Clubs that are urgently looking for a trainer are therefore not required to report to the trainer.


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