DailyMail: ‘Hamilton on point to sign 3-year contract of 134 million euros’


Lewis Hamilton is about to make a new alliance with Mercedes, the British medium writes DailyMail. It would be a three-year contract that will make Hamilton one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

Hamilton has an expiring contract with Mercedes, but seems to be renewing it in the short term. The soon to be seven-time world champion was still twilight in Imola with an early departure from Formula 1, but everything indicates that he only made these statements to get a higher salary from his current employer. And with success, it seems, because the DailyMail reports that Hamilton is about to sign a new lucrative deal. It would be a three-year contract with a total value of 120 million pounds, about 135 million euros. So a salary increase anyway.

With his current contract, Hamilton earns around 40 million euros per year, but with the new deal this shoots up to 45 million euros. Because, according to the British medium, it is a three-year commitment, Hamilton can have an amount of a total of 135 million euros credited to his already well-filled bank account in this time frame. With this new deal, Hamilton becomes one of the highest paid athletes in the world. However, he still has to put up with a few other top athletes, including Roger Federer (81 million pounds), Cristiano Ronaldo (80 million pounds) and Lionel Messi (79 million pounds).

Lewis Hamilton is in line for a great new £ 40m a year deal at MercedesDailyMail

Hamilton’s new contract will not suffer from the new rules that Formula 1 is preparing. The so-called salary cap will probably be introduced soon, but if Hamilton puts his signature before then, he will not be affected by these new regulations, the DailyMail to report. Hamilton will therefore be warm again in the coming years.


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