Credit to Sting: A caregiver at a couple of Holocaust survivors stole NIS 100,000 from them


A foreign worker was arrested by the police after, during her work as a caregiver for a couple of Holocaust survivors in their 80s and 90s, she stole their credit card and used it to withdraw no less than NIS 100,000 from their account.

The secret investigation began following a complaint from a couple of Holocaust survivors living in the Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem, after the bank approached them following unusual withdrawals of cash using the couple’s credit card.

Following investigative actions and cross-referencing of information conducted by Israeli police investigators in cooperation with the credit card companies and the bank, suspicion arose against the suspect who worked for the elderly as a caregiver.

As the covert investigation progressed, which included a variety of activities, the investigators revealed its course of action, which included withdrawing funds in the amount of tens of thousands of shekels over the past month, which amounted to the amount of NIS 100,000 it stole.

The night after collecting the evidence and locating the address where the suspect is and moving the investigation to the visible stage, border detectives arrived at an apartment in Bnei Brak where the suspect hid under the bed. During the search of the apartment, tens of thousands of shekels and foreign currency were seized.

The suspect, a foreign worker in the 1940s, was arrested and taken in for questioning. During the day, she will be brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court for a hearing on her arrest.

The police said: The Israel Police will take all means to bring to justice those suspects who act fraudulently towards the elderly who take advantage of their distress, their age, access to their property and are sometimes unable to know or tell what they are going through.


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