COVID-19 is claiming lives again in Zwartewaterland


In the past two weeks, two Black Waterlanders died of COVID-19. Three people in the municipality have now died in the second wave. Mayor Bilder told this on the radio tonight.

While the mayor was able to report 13 new infections in Zwartewaterland last week, there were a lot more tonight. During the corona update on ZwartewaterFM, he said: “Last week, 37 people from our municipality were tested positive for the virus. It is remarkable that this time Zwartsluis has come out on top. ”

The difference between the cores was small last week. Eleven people from Genemuiden were tested positive. In Hasselt that number was 12 and in Zwartsluis 13. The number of infections of people over 60 decreased considerably. At the moment, it is mainly many Blackwater landers between 0 and 20 years old who carry the virus. Last week, more tests were carried out than the week before.

Bilder also said that the results of the test location in Genemuiden have been included in this. Bilder also thinks that there may be cluster infections: “Although that has not become clear at the GGD.” There will be another update at ZwartewaterFM next Thursday.

Published by Robert Jansema


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