Couple finds 66 bottles of whiskey behind the false wall of their house …


While renovating their home, a New York area couple made a striking discovery. 66 bottles of whiskey were hidden behind a false wall.

When they bought the house, Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker already heard the story that the house was built in 1915 by a liquor smuggler. Until now, there was nothing to notice, but now the story may just turn out to be correct. “I can not believe it. I thought it was a cute story, but now it turns out that the builder of our house was really a smuggler! ”, Says Drummond.

The couple had been living in the house for about a year when they decided to remodel two months ago. It was during demolition works that they made the discovery.

The bottles that are still full would be worth 840 euros each.

Photo: Instagram

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