County by county, Biden’s victory becomes a fact


A day in which the final turn was made to Joe Biden’s future presidency. This is how many Americans experience the past day, when President Trump started the transfer of power with visible reluctance. Three weeks after the election to the day.

Trump’s capitulation, who insists he still believes in the final victory, has everything to do with lawsuits falling apart. There is no evidence for his allegation of widespread fraud. And more and more Republican politicians are openly speaking of a future President Biden.

Perhaps the most important development, however, is that reality is simply starting to catch up with the president. Across the country, the process of ratification of the election result got underway this week. Local authorities ‘ratify’ the result, making it virtually irreversible.

County by county, Biden’s victory becomes a fact. And Trump’s struggle to control the election results is shifting from the forefront to a rearguard action.

Don’t believe them

Tucked into their coats on the sidewalk of the Delaware County, Pennsylvania local government office, stand a handful of Trump supporters. They call out to a window on the first floor of the brick building. Behind it is the meeting of the three elected county’s commissioners who will sign the voting totals and make them official.

A megaphone blares incessantly “STOP THE STEAL“, a call to stop the alleged theft of votes.” They’re trying to ratify the votes, and as you can see, people are angry, “says Leah Hoopes, a Republican activist who won’t give up.” They say everything smoothly and fair, but I just don’t believe them. “

But that ratification is continuing steadily in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania. Also in Bucks, the neighborhood county where we can get a closer look at the ratification. “Normally this isn’t even a meeting,” said Bob Harvie, one of the Bucks County commissioners. “But this year there is so much pressure on this step in the process that we are even livestreaming it. We try to be as transparent as possible.”


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