Coronavirus: ‘Two weeks of online education and infections will go down drastically’


Number of new corona cases increased by almost 1000

The number of new corona cases has increased again in the past 24 hours, after a sharp decrease the previous day. Between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, 4,947 positive tests were registered, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment announced. The previous 24 hours involved 3,970 new cases. That means an increase of 977 in the past 24 hours.

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) warned on Tuesday that the number of corona cases is still falling, but the decline is stagnating. Over 37,200 reports of positive corona tests were received at the institute in the past seven days, slightly more than the week before. Then it concerned more than 36,800 new cases.

Government did not always provide emergency aid according to the rules

In recent months, the Dutch government has not always followed the correct procedures in providing crisis emergency assistance. So says the Court of Audit, which is conducting a series of studies into government policy in times of crisis. For example, with certain guarantees or loans, the conditions for covering the costs are not always met. In some cases, the House of Representatives was also informed too late.

In recent months, nearly 63 billion euros in guarantees and loans have been provided to help the economy through the corona crisis. Of this, 2.6 billion euros is not expected to be repaid, according to the Court of Auditors.

Ban on carbide shooting in Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout

The Noordwijk city council has decided to ban carbide shooting around the turn of the year. A proposal from the Lijst Salman Noordwijk party to make an exception for experienced carbide shooters did not make it. “There are almost no events and carbide shooting can attract large groups of the population,” explained Mayor Wendy Verkleij according to media partner Bollenstreek Omroep.

Actually, the ban on carbide shooting would only take effect on January 1, but it was decided on Tuesday evening to have the ban take effect a few days earlier, so that no more shooting can be done on New Year’s Eve. ‘People want to experience something. There may be a proliferation of people who have no knowledge of carbide shooting at all, ‘the mayor said.

‘With two weeks of online education you can drastically reduce the number of infections’

The number of corona infections is currently still at an ‘unacceptably high level’. That said Wim Schellekens, former Chief Inspector for Health Care and member of the Red Team – which provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the government during this corona crisis – Wednesday morning in West Wakes up on Radio West. ‘There are still 5000 new infections every day, we really have to go down.’

What he said could help is to replace physical education with online education two weeks before the start of the Christmas holidays. ‘In schools, thirty children sit close together in a tight space for eight hours a day. If there is an infected child who infects other children who then take it home, to parents and grandparents, you maintain the infection chain. By providing online education two weeks before the Christmas holidays, the reproduction number – now above 1.0 – could be reduced to 0.8 or 0.7. That way you can reduce the number of infections much more drastically. ‘ According to him, this is not disastrous for the students, in contrast to the long period of homeschooling around the summer holidays. ‘Not going to school for three or four months is indeed not good. But one or two weeks of online education cannot do any harm. ‘

In any case, Schellekens is not hopeful about celebrating Christmas and New Years with family members and friends during this time of the corona. ‘You have to adjust to limited options this year. We will have to hold back. ‘


Students: cancel binding study advice during these abnormal times

Universities should show more understanding for ‘the difficult situation facing first-year students’ and still scrap the binding study advice (BSA), say eight local student unions. They have sent an urgent letter to the boards of directors of their universities urging them to follow the line of the universities of applied sciences, which do not apply a BSA this year due to the negative consequences that the corona pandemic has on higher education. Universities themselves do not consider it necessary to scrap the BSA again in this academic year. They still did that last academic year.

Industry expects less investment next year

In 2021, the Dutch industry expects to invest less in machines, means of transport, buildings and other so-called tangible fixed assets. This is partly due to the uncertainty due to the corona crisis. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), it is expected that investments will fall by three percent.

The statistics office says that almost a third of industrial entrepreneurs are more negative about the expected investments due to the corona crisis. These will probably fall mainly in refineries and chemicals and the metal industry. Those are two industries with a significant weight in the industry’s total figure.

Opposition angry that Hugo de Jonge first discusses corona policy with the press

The opposition in the House of Representatives is resentful because healthcare minister Hugo de Jonge spoke to journalists on Tuesday about a possible tightening of the corona measures, instead of the hoped-for relaxation towards the holidays. The House has not been informed about this.

PVV leader Geert Wilders said he heard De Jonge speak ‘extensively’ about the corona policy when he himself was talking to journalists outside the plenary room. ‘I can’t stand it when ministers speak to the press, and we don’t know about it here and can’t debate it.’ Wilders wants a corona debate about this with De Jonge and Prime Minister Mark Rutte no later than next week. And not just after they give another press conference. Otherwise he should have kept his mouth shut. If he talks to the press, then also here. “” His request has received broad support from the other opposition parties.


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