Coronavirus: NS asks travelers to register for a train ride


Travel organizations stunt with prices

Anyone who wants to get out in the sun this winter, despite or because of corona, still has plenty of choice with Dutch airlines, KLM, Transavia, TUI and Corendon, regardless of yellow or orange travel advice. Anyone who wants to can get away for a shot, according to an inventory by De Telegraaf. The Canary Islands Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, as well as Curaçao and Bonaire are particularly popular, because they are code yellow (holiday travel allowed), and the weather is good with temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees.

Tour operators are reluctant to shout cheap sun trips from the rooftops, because this is politically and socially sensitive. The cabinet has called on all Dutch people to stay at home as much as possible until mid-January to prevent ‘import’ of infections from abroad.

NS asks travelers to register for a train ride

From Wednesday, the Dutch Railways will ask travelers to register before boarding the train via the NS app or the Dutch Railways Travel Planner site. With the Treinwijzer service, a traveler can be given a signal when unexpected crowds are imminent. The traveler can then choose to avoid crowds. It is a voluntary service, writes the AD.

Last summer, the Dutch Railways investigated whether the service can help with a view to the corona virus. About five thousand passengers took part in the test. In total they made almost 150,000 train journeys, which were pre-registered. The results of this first test, which mainly focused on ease of use and refinement of the technology, were predominantly positive, according to the NS, and the railway company therefore continued the test.

‘Avoid busy moments during end-of-year shopping’

The Haaglanden Security Region is calling on its residents to spread their end-of-year shopping as much as possible and to avoid busy times. The safety region also asks retailers to be cautious about Black Friday promotions. Stunting with prices creates an unnecessary bustle in the shopping streets at one specific moment. That is unwise, ‘says Jan van Zanen, chairman of the Haaglanden Security Region. Retailers are taking steps to ensure their stores are corona proof. Help them with that by avoiding busy times and purchasing digitally from local businesses where possible. ‘


How many infections were there in your municipality? On our corona dashboard you can see, among other things, the current risk level of your region and the daily hospital admissions.


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