Corona virus: A sharp rise in morbidity in Ashdod in recent days


Although it is a green city, about two-thirds of those infected in Ashdod have been located in the last seven days, 6,791 tests have been performed, and the Ministry of Health continues to call on the public to be tested.

Corona in Ashdod

The city of Ashdod has managed to be green for many weeks, and it still holds this title, following the hard work of all the residents in keeping the rules, but apparently in the days of the excavations there was some loosening.

According to data from the Ministry of Health in Ashdod, there are 127 active patients with the corona virus, despite the fact that last week the number dropped steadily and reached about 80, but since then it has been on the rise, as 77 of those infected were exposed only last week.

It is important to note that Ashdod, which was one of the four leading cities in morbidity, is today in 14th place, far from the leading cities but at the same time it is important to say that it has already reached 24th place and in recent days morbidity has managed to return it to the top of the Ministry of Health.

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