Corona news: Mayor Han van Midden van Roosendaal: also support fragile social structure


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In this live blog, we will keep you informed of the latest news about the corona crisis in Brabant and beyond on Sunday.

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  • Slightly fewer corona patients in the Brabant hospitals, but more deaths in the past 24 hours.
  • Something must be done about Belgian day trippers who visit Dutch cities, says Hubert Bruls of the Security Council.
  • The cabinet denies that the Security Council asked for national measures to combat crowds in busy city centers.
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22.11 – Mayor Roosendaal: have an eye for fragile social structure
Mayor Han van Midden of the municipality of Roosendaal turned to the cabinet on Sunday evening in Nieuwsuur: have an eye for the fragile social structure in medium-sized municipalities such as Roosendaal and Urk. That was his message after a tumultuous week in his municipality, where an emergency ordinance applies in several neighborhoods after fireworks terror by young people. “There is corona fatigue among young people, young people lack an outlet. But that is not the only thing, there is also an underlying reason. It lies much deeper. In the neighborhoods where this occurs I experience a social structure that is very fragile, where a a certain degree of street culture predominates. We cannot allow that. “

20.09 – Cabinet denies having had a request for ‘Black Friday ban’ from Security Council
The cabinet has never been asked to ban Black Friday. A spokesperson says this to the ANP, after statements by the Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb about this. According to Aboutaleb, the 25 mayors in the Security Council together have asked for a ban. But the cabinet did not want that, he told current affairs program Buitenhof.

19.11 – De Rietvest primary school in Klundert closes for a week, teachers have corona
The Klundert primary school will close for a week, because various teachers have tested positive for the corona virus. The school management does not consider it responsible to provide education in a ‘normal’ way.

18.49 – Brabant ambulance nurse took care of Patient 0 first: ‘All of a sudden corona was there’
As the first medical care provider, he took care of Joost Boons, now known as ‘Patient 0’. It is an iconic moment that ambulance nurse Vincent van der Dussen will always remember, he tells Omroep Brabant. “All of a sudden corona was there. In retrospect it was very special.”

17:45 – ‘Something must be done about Belgians who shop in Breda and Eindhoven’
Chairman Hubert Bruls of the Security Council wants something to be done about the day trippers who come to the Netherlands from Belgium at the weekend. The NOS reports that. “In the southern cities, such as Eindhoven, Breda and Maastricht, we see a lot of Belgian guests. We cannot afford them. broadcaster.

14.43 – For the time being quiet in Eindhoven city center
For the time being it is quiet in the Eindhoven city center. So many shopping people had come to the center on Saturday that Mayor John Jorritsma decided to close the shops earlier.

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14.30 – 950 new infections in Brabant
950 new corona infections have been reported in our province in the last 24 hours. That number was still 651 on Saturday afternoon.

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14.15 – RIVM reports an increase in the number of infections
In the past 24 hours, the number of new corona infections in the Netherlands has increased by 5,609. On Saturday, the RIVM reported 4499 registered positive tests. The daily numbers have been fluctuating all week. The RIVM points out that the weekly figures provide a better trend picture. The institute releases it every Tuesday. A slightly downward line emerges from this.

Over the past 24 hours, 25 people died from the effects of corona, 34 fewer than the 59 deaths reported on Saturday.

13.40 – Code red in Maastricht, mayor threatens to close shop
On Sunday afternoon, the municipality of Maastricht announced a code red for the city center in the Limburg capital. It is too busy, people can no longer keep five feet away, a spokeswoman said Sunday afternoon. The municipality is calling on people to stop coming. If people keep coming, mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake will close the shops in the city center.

12.20 – Mayors had asked government to ban Black Friday
The 25 mayor who are part of the Security Council had asked the cabinet to ban Black Friday, but the cabinet did not want that. That said the Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb on Sunday in the Buitenhof program. During Black Friday, which is spread over several days this year, retailers stunted with their prices for days. The stunt week has been causing enormous crowds in various shopping streets for days. Including in Eindhoven.

11.55 – Corona patients in hospitals
In the Brabant hospitals, thirteen corona patients have been admitted in the past 24 hours, seventeen less than the day before. In total, there are now 324 corona patients in the Brabant hospitals, ten less than 24 hours ago. This can be seen on the ROAZ corona dashboard. In the past 24 hours, twenty corona patients have been released from hospital, two have been transferred. Twelve corona patients have died in the past 24 hours. This is five more than the day before.

Nationally, hospitals also treated eleven fewer corona patients than on Saturday. Currently, 1,700 people are in hospital throughout the Netherlands because of a corona infection.

08.57 – Need for early Christmas music due to corona crisis
Christmas music is popular much earlier this year than in previous years. Classics such as ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ and ‘Last Christmas’ returned to the charts record early. Data from Spotify shows that Christmas songs are already streamed in high numbers. Sky Radio boss Uunco Cerfontaine thinks that because of the corona crisis, people are looking forward to Christmas more than ever. “Especially with that weird year we’ve had, everyone yearns for Christmas, cosiness and a sense of atmosphere.” Radio 10 DJ Gerard Ekdom also sees the need for Christmas music among his listeners. “Because we’ve had such an unpleasant year, the need has started earlier than ever. We long for fun, lights, you name it. It’s a longing for nostalgia.”

06.22 – Police intervenes at parties Maasdijk and Katwoude
It was not only hit in Valkenswaard, but also in Maasdijk on Saturday evening a massive party in corona time by the police. About seventy young people were celebrating here, even though this is prohibited in this corona time. According to the police, the youngsters kept ‘in no way’ a distance of five feet from each other. The officers discovered the partygoers after a report of noise nuisance at a commercial building. All those present received a ticket.

In Katwoude, North Holland, an illegal party was ended in a large hall. In this, 92 people were partying. They also did not adhere to the corona rules. All those present have been sent home. They too can face a fine, just like the organizers.

03.00 – ‘Corona party’ in Valkenswaard ended
Agents ended an illegal party in Valkenswaard on Saturday evening. Nearly thirty people were present. “It is not allowed to organize an illegal party or event during corona time,” police emphasize. “Those involved will therefore receive an official report.”

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