Connie Witteman report against Albert Verlinde for threat: “He wants to pull me through the stairwell” | Show


Witteman, who has more than eighty thousand followers on Instagram, announced on her channel this weekend that she does not understand why the whole of the Netherlands must stay at home to relieve the hospitals, but people can then go on holiday to Curaçao. “Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve, having fun together. And what are we going to do in January? Whining again that everyone has to stay home? I think it’s a very irresponsible thing. Close the borders. Rutte, you are really cunting now, ”she said.

Her video message was shown in yesterday Show news at SBS 6, where Albert Verlinde – her neighbor on PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam – was an expert. He rolled his eyes at his neighbor’s statements. “I was not happy at home, because I really pulled her through the stairwell,” he said. “Why are you doing that, what’s the point of this? It is not Rutte who says that this is possible, there is a whole team of people behind it. Rutte only tells this. And there on that island everyone is busy managing and doing it. Those measures, keeping your distance, are simply maintained there. ”


In any case, I don’t like it when men threaten women, let alone threaten them with physical violence

Connie Witteman on the statements of Albert Verlinde

The 69-year-old Witteman, who had hits as singer Vanessa in the 80s, is ‘in shock’ by the reaction of Verlinde. “In any case, I don’t like it when men threaten women and certainly not threaten with physical violence. So I will report it to the police, because I am not able to cope with such a big aggressive man ”, she says on Instagram this morning.

She repeats that the rules clash in her eyes: in the Netherlands you can walk outside with a maximum of two people, but it is allowed to go up and down to Curaçao with four hundred people in a plane. “Sorry, but despite Albert Verlinde deliberately making me ‘en plein publique’ late last night Show news said ‘I want to pull me through the stairwell’ I still don’t understand the rules. Mark Rutte also immediately had our King Willem-Alexander and his retinue fly back? I ask to please close the borders. ”

Both Witteman and Verlinde were not available for comment this morning.


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