Commission of Inquiry into the Submarine Affair: Mandelblit will delay the start of its work


Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit Tonight (Sunday) ordered the delay in the start of the work of the inspection committee appointed by the Minister of Defense Bnei Gantz Regarding the submarine and vessel affair. In a letter he sent in the evening, he wrote that since his investigation into the matter had not yet been completed in front of all the professionals in the Ministry of Defense, he asked to delay the start of its activities. Advocate Mandelblit noted that he will hold an urgent meeting with the Defense Ministry spokesman, after which he will re-examine the issue.

Ganz: “Leaking the flight to Saudi Arabia is an irresponsible step”

Following Defense Minister Bnei Gantz’s decision to set up the commission of inquiry last week, he reserved the matter and said that the commission would be set up only after the approval of Attorney General Mandelblit, and provided it did not undermine the criminal investigation process, which is still ongoing. Overlap between the two areas.

Letter sent by Spokesman Mandelblit to Defense Minister Ganz on the subject of the review committee by Maariv on Scribd

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On Friday, committee member Yael Grill announced not to take part in her work. This is due to the importance it sees in its existence and in order to remove any fear, even remotely, of conflicts of interest, even though after an examination it did not personally touch on the procurement procedures in question. Her decision comes after Channel 20 was exposed on suspicion of a conflict of interest on her part.

On behalf of an organization ‘Investigation Now’ The announcement read: “Mandelblit continues the rendering work he is carrying out for Netanyahu. A person who determined that Netanyahu was entitled even before he was interrogated, is not qualified to decide anything in the submarine and vessel affair. “The State of Israel must have a state-independent, independent commission of inquiry that will investigate Netanyahu and provide real answers to the question of whether Netanyahu traded state security for greed.”

The Defense Minister’s Office stated in response to the Spokesman’s letter: “The work and conduct of the committee will be done subject to professional instructions from the Attorney General as given with the announcement of its opening, with the intention of not harming the integrity of criminal proceedings. We will work to ensure that the committee begins its activities without delay, as soon as the ombudsman’s instructions are received.

As you may recall, Ganz’s decision last week caused a great stir in the political system, and much criticism has been leveled at it due to the suspicion of political motives, ostensibly. Interior Minister and Shas party chairman Aryeh Deri said: “Crossing a red line.” The Likud faction said after the decision was published: “Only four months ago Gantz said there was no reason to investigate the issue because even the attorney general ‘did not find it appropriate to open an investigation and I am content with that’. What will change in four months? Gantz fails to rise from the abyss in polls so he recycles “Submarines to garner votes while his party is engaged in internal quarrels. The Israeli public is smart and sees their exercises. It is better for Blue and White to join the prime minister in efforts to save the lives of Israeli citizens and bring vaccines to the country instead of engaging in idle political exercises.”


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