Choice for others in RVC Eredivisie for Geelen fine


Menno Geelen has not been defeated in the battle for a place on the Eredivisie Supervisory Board. The commercial director of Ajax has stepped aside after applications from other directors and can therefore live with the choice of Toon Gerbrands and Robert Eenhoorn.

Geelen was not at all interested in the position himself, but was approached by several clubs and especially the Eredivisie with a view to rejuvenating the Supervisory Board and further commercializing the international brand of the competition. Edwin van de Sar, like other clubs, thought his colleague Geelen was suitable for this, since he also successfully manages the commercial sector at Ajax. Van der Sar had therefore nominated Geelen. Geelen was open to providing commercial support to Eredivisie if requested.

Ultimately, however, directors Gerbrands (PSV) and Eenhoorn (AZ) wanted to do it themselves. Geelen then indicated that it was absolutely not a must for him, he was only available because it was requested.

Earlier there were reports that Gerbrands and Eenhoorn ‘would not be passed by’, which would indicate a battle for the position. However, when the two directors indicated that they wanted to do it, it was a closed business for Geelen and Van der Sar and Gerbrands and Eenhoorn rejoined the Supervisory Board.

Bart Veenstra (E-mail [email protected];¬†Twitter: @Bart_Veenstra)

Bademba Barrie (E-mail: [email protected];¬†Twitter: @Bademba_AFCA)

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