Children of mothers who carry the corona virus may be born with antibodies


Corona morbidity

Celine Ng-chan, 31, was one of the few Singaporean women to become infected with the corona virus during pregnancy. She was diagnosed with the virus in her tenth week – and she gave birth to a healthy baby with antibodies to the disease in his body, according to a media website in the country.

Ng-chan and her family contracted the corona virus during a European holiday in March. On November 7, she gave birth to her son and he was born with antibodies to the disease – but she lost the antibodies and according to the doctors’ estimates, she passed them on to the child.

In a study conducted on women in the Chinese city of Wuhan, who reportedly started the epidemic, 11 children born to mothers who carried the corona virus in their bodies during pregnancy were born with antibodies to the virus. Professor Tan Han Kun, chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Singapore said there was evidence of further cases where the antibodies passed from the mother to the newborn baby, but do not know for sure how much these antibodies will help the baby to not get infected with the virus.

Ng-chan said, “I agreed to be part of the study because I believe it is very important so that we can discover more and fight the virus better.” The issue will continue to be explored by public hospitals in Singapore in order to understand how the corona affects the health of pregnant women and their babies.

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