Charges after fatal New Zealand volcanic eruption


New Zealand will prosecute thirteen parties for the deadly volcanic eruption on White Island last year. Three individuals and ten organizations would have taken too many risks.

At the time the volcano erupted, there were 47 people on the island. 22 people were killed by heat, flying debris and deadly gases. Some of the injured have still not fully recovered from severe burns.

An investigation was launched after the eruption because increased volcanic activity had already been reported on the island in advance. Despite this, tourists were still brought to White Island to climb the crater.


New Zealand will announce more about the charges later today. Who exactly was charged is kept secret until the suspects are brought to trial.

The organizations can be fined almost a million euros, for individuals that can be as high as 175,000 euros.

The eruption was exactly one year ago on December 9. A memorial ceremony is then held on the island. Due to the corona crisis, it will be modest in size.


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