Charge: A resident of the center attacked his wife and threw his 6-week-old son on the floor


A serious case of assaulting a 6-week-old spouse and baby has occurred in recent days in the central area, according to an indictment filed in court against a 25-year-old resident of the center, in which he attacked his 24-year-old wife with a knife and shook his son. -6 weeks in need of medical treatment.

According to the indictment, about a week ago at night, the defendant returned to his home in a state of confusion, and began arguing between him and his wife during which he pushed her and threatened to hit her with an iron he took from the gas stove in the apartment and then hit the complainant with his hands. .

During the quarrel, he slapped her because her mother wanted to separate them, took a large kitchen knife in his hand, and told her to go together to take care of her mother. Later, he grabbed the complainant’s hand, threatened to kill her and pulled her out of the apartment while leaving the 6-week-old baby alone in the apartment, despite her pleas not to do so.

The indictment further states that the accused and the couple went down to the parking lot, while leading the complainant, pushing her away, insulting her and threatening her, while the complainant tried to contact passers-by who were in the elevator, whose identities are unknown but did not heed her pleas. Later, discovering that he had forgotten the car keys, the two went back up to the apartment, when they got there, the defendant picked up the baby from the crib, shook him and threw him back into the crib.

As a result, the baby burst into tears and was injured above the buttocks. Later, the defendant took a kitchen knife while at the same time, the woman took the baby, ran with him to the bathroom and locked the door. When the defendant was unable to open the door, he broke its glass window with a hammer. As a result, glass flakes hit the baby’s head, causing two bleeding scratches on his head.

All during the incident described above, according to the indictment, the defendant grabbed his hand with a knife and threatened to kill her and the baby and told her that he did not mind sitting in jail all his life because of it. Next, the man managed to open the bathroom door and he pulled the baby from the complainant’s hands, and threw her on the ground, while the complainant tries to escape outside the apartment, with the defendant chasing her, hitting her on the head and her neck scratching her in the neck and tearing her shirt. Then, the complainant managed to escape to the neighbors’ apartment with a bloody nose. Neighbors called police to the scene while the neighbor held the defendant until they arrived.
The complainant and the baby were evacuated to a hospital, where the baby underwent a series of tests and was given medical treatment, the baby was hospitalized for two days. An indictment has now been filed against the defendant for assaulting a spouse, threatening and assaulting a helpless minor while being in charge of him.


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