Catherine would like to ask expert for help with tantrums children | Entertainment


In the past week, her followers were able to submit questions about the research she launched 5 Big Questions. Half a million Britons have completed this survey, which focuses on the development of children under the age of five. Experts will now consider the results.

One of the questions Catherine received was about what to do as a parent about toddlers’ tantrums. “Yes, that is a difficult one. I would also like to ask the experts that ”, said the duchess, who is a mother of George (7), Charlotte (5) in Louis (2), smiling.


Motherhood is not the direct reason for Catherine’s interest in the early years of children. “I think people assume I’m interested in the early years because I’m a parent, but it’s a lot more than that,” she said. Catherine is not only about “happy and healthy children,” she also hopes it can change society.

According to the Duchess, it is crucial to intervene early when children are struggling. “I have met many people who have addictions or mental health problems and have often heard that their problems as adults can be traced back to experiences they had as young children,” she said. “When I became a mother, I was baffled to learn that 90 percent of your brain is developed by the age of five, so there are many great opportunities for parents and caregivers looking after young children.”


Based on the results, several projects will be launched from next year. “This is not something we can change quickly. It’s going to take generations and I’m happy to be able to support it in the long run, ”said Catherine. “This is just the beginning of the conversation, so thanks to everyone who took part.”


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