Camera images jogger delivering dog Dribble to death stick tip … (Waasmunster)


Waasmunster –

In the investigation into a jogger who stabbed a dog to death in Waasmunster, East Flanders, on Saturday, the local police received some tips after distributing camera images of the suspect. The investigation is ongoing, says the East Flanders prosecutor’s office.

The facts happened on Saturday evening in the Donkerputstraat in Waasmunster. Two walkers were out with dog Dribble when they crossed a jogger. The dog, a jack russell, walked with the jogger for a moment. However, the man brought out a sharp object, stabbed the animal and then walked on. The dog died on the spot.

The local police zone Hamme / Waasmunster distributed camera images of the possible suspect via Facebook on Thursday. The jogger was filmed in the area by a security camera at a house in the Neerstraat. “We ask to view the images and if the jogger is recognized, contact our services via 052 / 25.71.01 or by mail to [email protected]”, the police reported. The message already yielded some tips and they are now being investigated. The official report was submitted to the East Flanders prosecutor’s office and the police are following up the case.


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