‘Cabinet did not want to ban Black Friday’, despite the urgent request from, among others, Brabant mayors | Politics


Aboutaleb thinks that the opinion of the cabinet requires mayors to practice ‘top psychology’, he said this afternoon on the TV program Buitenhof. “Am I going to close everything at the front or first see how things are going?”

The shops in Rotterdam were closed several days earlier, because the crowds were running out. “We ultimately opted for the hammer,” said the mayor.

Incidentally, Aboutaleb does not know what the cabinet’s considerations were to allow Black Friday to continue in full, but he thinks the cabinet could have expected large crowds to gather during these shopping days. “Then you can say: that might not be sensible.”

The mayor does not know whether a ban would have been the best course of action. It might also have been possible to make agreements with retailers in advance. Aboutaleb: ,, Now we have let it go. Then you see that it does not turn out well. ”


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