By an overwhelming majority: Peretz’s proposal to negotiate with Blue and White was approved


The Labor Party conference today (Sunday) held a vote on holding Labor elections among the committee members only and not among all functionaries, in order to strengthen the party and create real opportunities for new and significant forces to join. Peretz demanded that they bring him powers to negotiate with Blue and White. The vote was received by a majority of votes.

The chairman of the Labor Party, MK Amir Peretz, responded by saying that he “thanks the Labor Party delegates for expressing confidence in my proposal. This is the need of the hour, together we will bring new forces to the party and march it back to its natural place in the Israeli public. I will act with the good of the state and the party before my eyes, in the values ​​of the labor movement of social justice and the pursuit of peace. ”

MK Merav Michaeli, who opposed his proposal, called on all members and party members at the end of the vote to “wait for the court to decide on the constitutionality of the vote. The battle is not over yet. The results of the vote prove just how much of a cat takes the cream. “Appointed by the chairman, authorizes him to act contrary to the good of the party, in complete violation of the will of the members and members of the party, in an unconstitutional and inappropriate manner. This democracy is really not.”

She added that “Peretz and Shmuli are trying to turn the Labor Party into the pocket money with which they will buy themselves a work arrangement for the next election. We will meet in court, and it is certain that it will decide that justice is with us and this scandalous vote will be canceled.


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