Businessman Khamis Abulafia died of corona


Khamis Abulafia, one of the most well-known and veteran restaurateurs in Israel, who is also considered one of its most famous coexistence ambassadors, died last night (Friday) at Ichilov Hospital after contracting Corona. Abulafia, 60, is one of five brothers who own the old Abulafia bakery. He is survived by his wife and two sons. Abulafia was hospitalized a little over two weeks ago in critical condition after contracting the virus, apparently during a family event.

In parallel with his business, Abulafia also worked in the journalistic sector and even covered the news from Israel for Egyptian television, working hard to create coexistence between Jews and Arabs. It was also the guideline of the Abulafia Bakery, which over the years also made sure not to operate during Yom Kippur and Passover as a sign of identification with the Jewish shoppers.

Like many businesses in Israel, the famous bakery – one of Jaffa’s prominent symbols – suffered an economic blow following the Corona crisis. “The situation is very difficult,” Abulafia said in an interview with Israel Today last June. “If last year there were tourists and the ‘Discovery’ project, now because of the corona the situation is very difficult. The situation is very difficult. The corona will end a lot of business in Jaffa. Every day businesses close. Not everyone has breathing space.”

Abulafia Bakery, as I recall, is one of the oldest businesses in Israel and in fact existed before the establishment of the state. The old flagship branch of the bakery, which has already become a chain, is located in Clock Square in Jaffa, and next to it, skewers were also set up by the family. The bakery branches are controlled by the five brothers and their children. The bakery is open around the clock, but out of respect for the State of Israel and the Jewish customers, the Abulafia family closes the gates of the bakery on Passover and Yom Kippur. . The family also opened a kosher branch for compilers in Petah Tikva in 2017 and in addition donated $ 100,000 to rehabilitate the synagogue in Clock Square in Jaffa, after one of the brothers in the family was shot by a Jew in 2002.


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