Budget of the Ministry of Sports in 2021: NIS 324 million


Tomorrow (Thursday), the Ministry of Culture and Sports will hold a conference where the ministry will present to local authorities the budgets and specifications it has set for upgrading and establishing sports facilities with a total budget of NIS 324 million.

The conference will feature for the first time about five calling votes with an investment of more than NIS 320 million as part of the exemption from the facilities program granted by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Sports in order not to stop support for sports facilities in local authorities and sports bodies during this period. The conference will be held from 10:00 to 13:00, and will be delivered during which the calling voices related to local authorities, unions and associations will be presented.

These include the construction of sports halls (approximately NIS 104 million), football pitches (NIS 74 million), upgrading of pitches (NIS 80 million), renovation and purchase of competitive equipment (NIS 60 million) and Maccabiah events (NIS 6 million). The conference will be attended by heads of local authorities, directors of sports departments, local government engineers, local government treasurers, representatives of unions and associations, the Society for the Economy, local government, consulting and control companies, and other bodies.

Ramat Gan Stadium | Photo: The Football Association

Last Sunday, the steering committee convened to prepare the national facilities plan “2030”. The committee included about 25 members from the local authorities and the various sports bodies in the country and its representatives will work on the development and ways of implementing the program in the coming weeks and they will be brought to the decision of the Minister of Culture and Sports Hili Trooper. All local authorities and sports associations will participate in the preparation of the program.

Minister of Culture and Sports, Trooper Corps: “I see a great achievement in that in such a crisis period and without a state budget, we will continue to build sports facilities and infrastructure for hundreds of millions of shekels. We do everything we can to not stop the momentum of development, promotion and strengthening of sports in Israel. The Facilities Program 2030 is a worthy, high-quality and professional infrastructure that improves achievements and contributes greatly to the athletes of tomorrow. Thank you to the Minister of Finance, for your support and cooperation. “

Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Raz female: “The Ministry of Culture and Sports promotes values ​​of professionalism and excellence. These values ​​are reflected in the launch of these readers’ voices that will enable children and teenagers, our athletes, to lead Israeli sports to the achievements, goals and objectives they strive for. Despite the complex period, we are vigorously pursuing long-term plans. The Ministry of Culture and Sports will continue to promote projects and projects that will promote Israeli sports. ”

Trooper Corps
Reuven Rivlin, Hili Trooper | Amos Ben Gershom, p


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