British minister wants warning on The Crown series: beware, fiction!


Incorrect reflection

According to Arbiter, there are several moments in Season 4 that incorrectly reflect reality:

  • The way Prince Charles and his current wife Camilla Parker Bowles are portrayed. “It looks like Charles and Camilla are the bad guys. They pretend Charles is mean. Charles isn’t mean at all.”
  • In the series, private secretary Martin Charteris works on Queen Elizabeth’s side from 1977 to 1990. In real life that was until 1977.
  • Actor Josh O’Conner is said to portray Prince Charles with a bent body position. “Charles never walked stooped. Look at him now. He’s 72 and standing upright.”
  • The series also features an appointment in which Prince Charles’s private secretary asks if Princess Diana is mentally fit to go on a solo tour in New York. According to Arbiter, that appointment never took place.


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