British Minister: EU to meet United Kingdom in trade talks | NOW


The United Kingdom is hopeful of a trade deal with the EU, Cabinet Affairs Minister Michael Gove said on Tuesday. However, for that to happen, the EU will have to move in the direction of the British, says Gove.

“We hope we can reach a good deal with the EU, but then Brussels must take a step and recognize that the UK has promised its people that it would take back control,” Gove said. Reuters quoted. “That’s the most important thing”.

Gove says the talks are going on around the clock, but adds at the same time that the UK has clear red lines, which it will not cross.

When asked about the chances of a trade deal with the EU, the minister said he had never been very good at predicting. However, according to Gove, the ticking away time ensures “utmost concentration” among the negotiating teams.


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