Bosz about the EL final: ‘Exactly what Tonny predicted happened’


Peter Bosz and Ronald Koeman have enjoyed working with Tonny Bruins Slot in the past. The trainers could use his expertise in several fields all too well and he was never wrong in his predictions about opponents.

‘When I was a trainer at Ajax, he was already ill’, Bosz says during the broadcast of Master Scout – stories about Tonny Bruins Slot on FOX Sports. Nothing stopped him from being on the road and watching games. When he was with us at the club and came to explain the opponent, it was often long sessions. That took one and a half to two hours. But you noticed how much knowledge he had about football. That was great to experience. ‘

Bosz cites an example and not the least. Bruins Slot already predicted the scenario of the Europa League final against Manchester United. ”In the final against Manchester United, exactly what Tonny had predicted happened. We knew they were going to play the long ball at Fellaini. Things like that came out to the decimal point. We were never surprised. Tonny had mapped the teams in such a way that we knew exactly what was going to happen. That means that this man really knew about football. ‘

Not only Bosz and Koeman benefited from the knowledge of Bruins Slot, Johan Cruijff also benefited greatly from him in his time as a trainer, as Koeman knows. ‘Cruijff was the man, but he could function as a trainer because Tonny was there. Cruijff was the only one who got the diploma like that (without training, ed.), So he was not a trainer. He was very good at talking about football and showing it, but in terms of practice material, analysis of opponents and knowledge of players, Tonny was there. ‘

‘He fills in what starting trainers need’

‘The moment I went to Ajax as a trainer, I immediately brought Tonny into the first team’, Koeman says a little later. ‘He supplements what we need as former players and starting coaches. His experience in the coaching profession, with the team and analyzing the opponents. He is unique in that area. ‘

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