Boris Johnson tests negative, remains in self-isolation | Abroad


Johnson was warned on Sunday by the NHS national health service based on information from a tracking system. He started his work week in self-isolation, as the rules dictate. In a video on Monday he said he felt ‘better than ever’ and was as fit as’a butchers dog’.

The 56-year-old government leader became infected with the virus at the end of March. After a stay of several days in intensive care, he was allowed to leave the hospital in mid-April. Last June, Johnson also stated – freely translated – that he felt as fit as a fiddle and he illustrated this with a few push-ups in his office.

According to a statement from 10 Downing Street, Johnson will “continue to work in his official residence, including leading the government response to the corona pandemic.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’m feeling good, better than ever, or if my body is full of antibodies because I’ve already had that damn thing,” he said. “But the rules are the rules and they are there to stop the spread of the disease.”


Johnson had a meeting with a group of MPs on Thursday. One of them, Lee Anderson from Johnson’s Conservative party, later tested positive for the corona virus.


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