Bond actress Lashana Lynch is disturbed by discussion about ‘black Bond’ | NOW


Lashana Lynch, who is in the new James Bond-film No Time to Die can be seen, is annoyed by the extent to which a ‘black Bond’ causes discussion. She tells that on Saturday in an interview with GQ.

When news came out that Lynch will be ‘the new 007’ in the movie, it brought a torrent of negative reactions. Many fans say Bond is a ‘white, western man’, but Lynch thinks that is nonsense.

“The white patriarchy always has something to say when it comes to such topics. Only the grandeur of this fuss was really bizarre,” she says. That is why she decided to ignore all criticism. “I think of those people as blue-haired trolls. They don’t even exist to me.”

Daniel Craig, who has played James Bond since 2006, has indicated that No Time to Die the last time will be to see him as the spy. Since then there has been much speculation about his successor, with Idris Elba often mentioned.

Lynch is annoyed that the possible choice for Elba in combination with his dark skin color is seen as newsworthy at all.

“The fact that you have to celebrate something like this, as if this is a new era and black people have just arrived. That’s what irritates me, the idea that Idris Elba is a ‘black Bond’. For my community that’s a big development, but it shouldn’t matter to the rest of the world. “

No Time to Die can be seen in Dutch cinemas from April.


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