Bizarre injuries: From shower door and car antenna to solarium and razor


Sydney van Hooijdonk missed NAC’s game on Friday for a very special reason. The young striker’s shower door burst, after which Van Hooijdonk himself shared his injuries on social media. Annoying, but Van Hooijdonk is certainly not alone when it comes to players who have to miss a game from their club for bizarre reasons.

Bad boy Ever Banega was discredited several times in his career, but in 2012 the Argentinian did not even do that much wrong. While Banega was refueling in Valencia, his own car ran over his foot. The then 23-year-old midfielder had forgotten the handbrake, which resulted in an ankle, shin and calf fracture. Banega was sidelined for more than six months. During his rehabilitation there was also a ‘small’ incident. On the way to the training complex, Banega saw his car smoking, then he got out and saw his expensive car go up in flames.

Banega’s scrapped Ferrari | ANP

Eldridge Rojer was sidelined for nine months in the 2007/2008 season with a knee injury. Cause? Rojer went to take a shower together with his girlfriend and “one thing led to another”, according to the Excelsior striker at the time. AD. Expensive lovemaking!

In 2017, Marco Asensio missed Real Madrid’s Champions League match with APOEL Nicosia. Asensio had shaved his legs a few days before the game, damaging a pimple. That pimple became infected, causing Asensio to be in so much pain that he could no longer pull his socks up.

The now retired Philippe Mexès always looked nicely tanned. This was not only because of the Italian sun, but also because of the regular use of the solarium. In the winter of 2013, Mexès had gone a bit too far; the Frenchman’s eyes were damaged by the rays of the sunbed. Due to the eye injury, Mexès did not play during AC Milan’s Champions League match against Celtic.

Mexes shows his stomach | ANP

A little footballer has a dog, but that is not always as relaxing as hoped. Marko Arnautovic, for example, twisted his knee while wrestling with his four-legged friend. Kevin Hofland was also injured when he walked his dog. What exactly happened? “The dog wanted to go left and Kevin wanted to go right,” said Hofland, his former trainer at Feyenoord, Gertjan Verbeek.

Charles Akonnor should definitely not be missing from this list. The Ghanaian coach was injured twice in a very special way. First Akonnor got his auto-retracting antenna in his nose (!), After which he took medication to stop the bleeding. However, that drug turned out to be on the doping list, which meant that he was suspended for three matches. Not much later, tragedy struck with an innocent visit to the hairdresser. Akonnor fell there through a glass table, after which he had to go straight to the hospital. There, after emergency surgery, his thumb was barely saved from amputation.

Santiago Cañizares was Spain’s first goalkeeper for the 2002 World Cup. But in the preparation it went wrong in a very clumsy way for the blonde goalkeeper. In his hotel room, Cañizares dropped his perfume bottle right on his foot. Result: a torn tendon and a thick red line through the World Cup for the Valencia goalkeeper.

Canizares disappointed | ANP

Jari Litmanen won the World Cup with Ajax 25 years ago today, but also had some bad luck. For example, the Finn once got an eye injury, after the director of Malmö could not open his can of coke. The director applied so much force that the tab popped off the can, after which it ended up in Litmanen’s eye.

Purrel Fränkel had to miss De Graafschap’s relegation cracker against VVV-Venlo due to a striking injury. The defender dropped a washing machine on tiptoe.

We conclude with two British kitchen princes. Goalkeeper Dave Beasant had to watch injured with a bad bruise on his toe for two months after he slipped trying to catch a bottle of salad dressing with his foot. Kevin Kyle missed the game against Everton on behalf of Sunderland in 2006. Kyle wanted to prepare a bottle for his son. While the milk was heating up, son Max was restless and knocked over the pan. Full of the private parts of Kyle, who even had to spend the night in the hospital. The Scot could not play football for a week. (FOX Sports)


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