Big day for son Jim and Bettina


“Time goes too fast,” Jim writes on his Instagram. ‘Our big tough boy is 8 years old today. I’m still trying to enjoy every moment that I know will no longer exist in a few years. ‘

“But then a new world will open up,” the actor continues. ‘I can not wait. How I love this boy so much. My inner image. ‘

Bettina also shares a wonderful story about Lux. ‘Now, eight years ago, Lux had just been in my arms for a few hours. After a long night with a contraction storm that didn’t seem to end and an outcrop that didn’t seem to begin. ‘

“That first time becoming a mother and that new life was a shock to me, but the most beautiful, loving shock in the world,” she describes. ‘And now it’s Lux’s birthday and Lux ​​is 8. And how much I can do without that little baby Lux and that first time becoming a mother every now and then, how grateful I am for the fact that we can all experience it and that he is bigger may grow. ‘

Jim has been busy lately as he stars in several rom-coms. One of which is Casanova’s and it premiered in a special way.


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