Big Bazar employees claim back wages | Financial


“The employees no longer accept this. We have recently visited several stores and talked to employees. We also looked at the pay slips and they are now losing hundreds to thousands of euros per year, ”says FNV director Linda Vermeulen.

According to calculations by the union, Big Bazar will save approximately € 750,000 by abolishing the surcharges. The discounter has 151 branches in our country where 1800 people work.

Mirage Retail Group has recently unilaterally cut various supplements. “For example, it concerns Sundays, public holidays, Friday evenings and the replacement allowance. That is simply unacceptable, especially in corona times where employees are already faced with a lot, ”says Vermeulen.

Big Bazar announces that the FNV requested clarification about the new employment conditions structure in June. “Since that time, FNV and Big Bazar have been in talks at an administrative level. In all the conversations we have emphasized time and again that our employees should not suffer any financial disadvantage from the new scheme ”, says CEO Hans Danhof. “If in individual cases it turned out to be any disadvantage, we would provide for an individual compensation scheme.”

According to Danhof, Big Bazar entered into talks with a small group of employees during the summer period and reached agreement with them individually. “Since that time, Big Bazar was under the assumption that the situation had been completed satisfactorily for those involved.”

Danhof is surprised that the FNV is now still going to court. “We immediately reacted substantively to the FNV and invited them back to the table, so that we can discuss our difference of opinion and come to concrete solutions together.”


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