Biden: “I’ll Be President of All Americans” | Trump: “Elections far from over”


American media networks, led by CNN, announced recently (Saturday) that Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been elected to the presidency of the United States, due to his victory in Pennsylvania while crossing the threshold of 270 electors needed to win the election.

However, the Supreme Court is expected to soon examine the position of the Donald Trump camp that masses of votes that came after Election Day should be disqualified – including the votes of deceased who are not clear how they were counted in the first place. FOX NEWS also reported a case of a voice count inDetroit of a man born in 1823.

In the left-wing Arab camp in the country, many voices of joy have already been expressed. Opposition leader Yair Lapid said: “Congratulations to the President-elect, my friend Joe Biden, and to the Vice President-elect, Kamla Harris. The relationship between Israel and the United States is based on common values ​​and interests that I am sure will be at the heart of your work. I look forward to working with the new administration and with members of both parties in Congress to deepen and strengthen the special relationship between Israel and the United States. Best wishes from the bottom of my heart. “

Joint list chairman Ayman Odeh added: “Trump’s loss is an important step in the struggle against a populist right that also controls Hungary, Brazil, India, and Israel but we are still far from the final goal. The struggle alongside progressives around the world continues tomorrow as well. “As in Israel, the problem in the United States is not just personal. The solution to the dictatorial wave around the world is a democratic future instead of nostalgia for an injustice.”

MK Hiba will publish an article: “It seems that the Trump era is over and it is good that it is! The destructive policies he led in the region through the Century Plan, the declarations of annexation and the ongoing legitimacy for the occupation and oppression of the “Palestinian” people are just some of the enormous damage he did during his tenure. I sincerely hope that the election results will lead to a fairer and less racist global policy. “

Meretz Chairman Nitzan Horowitz: “Congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamla Harris on an impressive and hopeful victory for the entire world. After four years of bad spirits, lies and bullying it is time for honest and decent leadership in Washington. I call on the Middle East team of President-elect Biden to renew the effort to advance the peace process between Israel and the “Palestinians,” which is a clear Israeli interest. “

Trump’s campaign said in response to the networks’ announcement: “Starting Monday we will start a series of lawsuits to ensure that the election laws are indeed met and that the legal winner is indeed declared – these elections are far from over.”

Biden tweeted immediately afterwards on his Twitter account: “America, I respect your choice of me to lead our great country. The work before us will be difficult, but I promise: I will be president of all Americans – whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the trust you have given me. “


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