Ben Weyts is working on a separate test strategy for education


Education must be a priority in the distribution of the rapid tests. Minister of Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) is therefore working on a separate testing strategy for the schools. He said that on Sunday The Seventh Day. The tests were to be conducted by volunteers from the Rod Kruis.

In October, the Flemish government announced that it had announced 4 million rapid tests. Minister of Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) is working to reserve 1 million rapid tests for education. He is working on a separate test strategy for education to use.

Weyts sees a special role for the CLBs for this. They are already organizing the contact investigation in the schools and therefore have an idea of ​​possible high-risk contacts. Specifically, a rapid test should be taken one day after a high-risk contact, which is followed up five days later with an official PCR test. If it turns out to be negative twice, the student can be released from quarantine.

Although the plan still needs to be taken away, only medical personnel are allowed to conduct tests at this time. To avoid the pressure on healthcare, Ben Weyts hopes to leave this to volunteers from the Red Cross. In The Seventh Day he said that he is still in talks about this with Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A).

Prefer not to have a mouth mask under twelve

The education minister also indicated that he is not in favor of a mouth mask obligation at school for children under the age of twelve. In particular, he had questions about the enforcement of the obligation. The socialist union had asked for this on Saturday.

As far as colleges and universities are concerned, Weyts hopes that contact education will be possible after the Christmas holidays at least for first-year students and during the practicals. He pointed out that those freshmen were also unable to complete their final year of secondary education in the normal way because of the first corona wave.


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