Beer Yaakov: Grow 4 times


The evacuation of the Zrifin camp created an opportunity for a jump in housing, commerce, offices and employment

Produced by the Department of Special Supplements

The completion of the evacuation of the Zrifin camp made it possible to begin work in the field in the past year. The master plan of the complex is intended to establish commercial and employment areas of 1.5 million square meters, the largest employment area in Gush Dan. In addition, about 17,000 housing units will be built in the area divided between Beer Yaakov (70%) and Rishon Lezion (30%).

The first complex to go on the market is associated with the Beer Yaakov local council, which is expected to double its population fourfold in the coming years to about 100,000 residents. The plan also includes the expansion of Assaf Harofeh Hospital, along with the construction of mixed-use buildings.

Along with the development of urban infrastructure, a new employment and commercial area is expected to be built, combined with housing, which will constitute the new city center.

The first project in the Zrifin complex will be launched in the coming months by Ayala Agam, and it includes two 17-story office towers with commercial space on the ground floor.

Eitan Levy and Jackie Suissa, owners of Ayala Agam: “In a few years, the entire area will look completely different. As there has been a significant increase in value in places like the Einav complex in Modi’in and the science park in Ness Ziona, we expect this to happen here as well.”

“In recent years, Be’er Ya’akov has become very popular with buyers and tenants, partly due to its proximity to the train,” says Ortal Lieber, Rothstein’s VP of marketing. The huge Rothstein green project in Be’er Ya’akov will include about 3,500 housing units, including about 900 units Housing in 13 towers, detached houses and commercial centers.

Produced by the Department of Special Supplements


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