Because of the corona: the Russian student climbed a tall tree to study


A Russian student living far from the state capital, posted on the net that he was experiencing severe internet reception problems in his area and to attend classes, he had to climb a tall tree. Advertising has made waves around the world

Alexei Dudoldov, a popular blogger and water transport student at the Omsk Institute, lives more than 2,000 kilometers east of Moscow. Following a video he posted on social media about studying wood for network reception, he received much media coverage in the global media.

In a video on his Instagram account uploaded by Dudoldov, he is seen standing on a snow-covered tree, addressing Regional Governor Alexander Borkov. The video gained momentum on the networks, reaching 1.9 million people who watched the video posted by the Russian student on tic-tac-toe, and more than 60,000 were exposed to it on Instagram.

“I have to go to the forest, 300 meters from the village, and climb an 8-meter-high tree, and then I go in to zoom in to talk to the professors and prove to them that I’m not breezing from classes,” he is heard saying in the video.

Following the corona, authorities in several regions of Russia transferred students to distance learning to curb the spread of the corona virus. About 80% of Russians are used to surfing the Internet, but in some remote areas the Internet connection is faltering and sometimes non-existent.

The regional education ministry in Omsk told the Russian newspaper RBC that in order to solve the problem, Alexei would have a personal curriculum, so that he could study in his village, Stankevichi, which is 170 km from the city of Omsk.

Alexei is unhappy with the response of the authorities, and said that some sources recommended that he take the highway to improve cellular reception and Internet connection, the Russian media reported.

“I was given a personal curriculum, but the authorities do not care about other students from other universities,” Alexei wrote in an Instagram post. “Corona virus universities in Russia have moved to distance learning and have created a not-so-simple problem for students living in remote places where internet connection is not a given,” he wrote.


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