Baudet proposes ‘division of property’ FVD and wants to keep the party name | NOW


Thierry Baudet would like to split Forum for Democracy (FVD) in two because of the conflict between him and the board. The former party leader states in the broadcast of Thursday good morning Netherlands a “division of property” for, whereby the resources are divided. He wants to keep the party name.

According to the politician, he can no longer come to an agreement with the board of the party. Baudet therefore sets good morning Netherlands before all members decide for themselves who they want to continue to support. This way, according to him, a “divorce” can be prevented.

The Member of Parliament also believes that he is entitled to the party name, because he invented it as the founder of FVD. “I started this.” He would find it “very strange” if the board members were allowed to continue to use the party name. “I want this to stop as soon as possible.”

The party board has not yet responded to the proposal that Baudet calls “reasonable and logical”. According to the former party leader, the board members can see the “division of property” as a way out of the heated conflict.

Baudet makes his statements after a number of turbulent days. On Monday he gave up his place on the electoral list for the upcoming elections, after there was a lot of fuss within the party about the anti-Semitic and homophobic statements in app groups of the youth branch JFVD. On Tuesday he stepped down as party chairman, to return to his previous decisions on Wednesday.

Baudet wants to become party leader and party leader again

Baudet announced in a video that he wanted to become party leader and party leader again. The Amsterdammer also organized party leader elections, but the party board emphasized shortly afterwards that this cannot be done just like that. There were also threats to expel Baudet.

Three board members will report against Baudet on Thursday because they no longer have access to the party’s IT systems and social media accounts. Baudet said in a first reaction to the declaration on Wednesday evening that he wanted to prevent the board from using those resources to “kick him out of the party”.

More and more FVD representatives are openly criticizing Baudet. Senator Nicki Pouw-Verweij wrote in an urgent letter to the board that he has been radicalized and believes in corona plot theories. In that letter she tells about Baudet’s statements during a dinner. The content of the letter was confirmed on Thursday by Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek. They attended the dinner that was organized for a number of persons on the FVD election list.


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