Barbash reveals: This is how the vaccine production process for Corona is accelerated in several years


Prof. Gabi Barbash explains how the ways and deadlines have been shortened on the way to obtaining it (“continuous vaccine production over eight years. This time a combination of technology and huge capital helped shorten it”), but he says that the vaccine itself is not the whole thing: Will be vaccinated “

The vaccine is here, but the vaccine alone is not enough: in a column published today in “News 12” by Prof. Gabi Barbash, former director general of the Ministry of Health and who was the leading candidate to serve as Corona commissioner but withdrew at the last minute, he explains how shortened the way to vaccine production So a process that is supposed to last over eight years is done in less than a year, but warns that simply bringing the vaccine does not in itself solve the problem but must make sure that the entire public is indeed vaccinated.

“The vaccine is here soon. There is no doubt that this is an amazing scientific achievement,” writes Barbash, who reveals that “within two weeks, less than a year from the outbreak of the corona plague, the FDA is expected to approve the use of more than one vaccine.” “By the end of February 2021, close to 20% of the US population will already be vaccinated and by the end of the summer of 2021, 80% of the US population is expected to be vaccinated. I think Israel is not far from this goal either!”

According to him, this is a miracle. “Eight years (!) Was the average time to develop vaccines to date and the vaccines were approved based on experiments that included thousands of individual volunteers. Corona vaccine approval was based on tens of thousands of volunteers recruited within a few months. How did we manage to shorten the schedules so much?”

The truth, he explains, is that a number of factors have contributed to the shortening of schedules: Are injected into the human body in a way that stimulates our immune system to create effective resistance to the virus. “

“Second, a huge amount of capital has been invested around the world in vaccine manufacturing plants, long before it was clear that vaccines are effective. This investment has now saved us all many months of waiting to build the manufacturing industry of these vaccines.”

“Third, and perhaps most important, is the international collaboration between scientists, industry and government that have transcended themselves and collaborated with unprecedented openness, without thinking about credit and intellectual property.”

In any case, we are already seeing the end. “At the beginning of 2021, the first vaccines will arrive in Israel. There is a team sitting these days on vaccine priorities, but it is already clear from working papers prepared in the US and Europe that medical teams will be the first to be vaccinated, followed by people at risk for various reasons and working in vital professions.” Those who were ill, about 350,000 citizens, will not be vaccinated, certainly not in the first stage.

“It is clear that in practice there are more vaccinated citizens than those who are counted as blue. It is estimated that there are 600,000 to 700,000 who were sick – symptomatic and asymptomatic. It does not make sense for them to give the vaccine a serology test (antibodies). “Or 400 thousand of them who fell without symptoms. Therefore, all the hundreds of thousands who became infected but did not pass a positive pen test – will be vaccinated with the entire population.”

However, he said, two challenges accompany this phase of the corona plague:

• Management of the immunization system – priorities and complexity of the deep cooling required in RNA vaccines and transport and vaccine logistics.

• The public’s readiness to be vaccinated – The public’s concerns about vaccines must not be underestimated. Some of the concerns are related to the fear of the speed of development, lest the pressure rounded corners.

We have explained above why this is not the case. But, against this background and without – conspiracy theories are evolving on social media.

Therefore, warns Prof. Barbash, action must be taken now. “We must set up a communication team today, follow and study the arguments heard in all channels and respond. There must be no transmission of side effects to the vaccine. The data must be presented in full and in a qualified manner by the professionals. Although all the side effects observed up to all types of vaccines were flu-like effects, and in severe cases – severe flu, at this stage, it is still impossible to rule out a rare complication (like one in a million) like Gillian Barre disease, which rarely occurs after viral infections. Even in the presence of such a rare complication, it is still worth getting vaccinated. This disease is very bad.

Personal example is critical here. Each stutter will be amplified to hysterical dimensions. Leaders must be vaccinated first, whether they are at risk or not (and they are …). The general public will look with seven eyes at the first vaccinated health teams. What came out of there – will seep into all strata of the public. That is why we must already invest in information there and not take for granted that the doctors or nurses are convinced of the need to get vaccinated. “


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